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* Environment health and safety permitting and reporting with the DENR, EMB, PNP, PDEA, BHDT and DOLE

* Application of Certificate of Environmental Compliance Commitment (ECC)

* Case filed against you by the Pullotion Adjudication Board (PAB)

* Industrial waste management

* Wastewater treatment system design, build or upgrade

* Chemicals and hazardous waste management

* Solid waste management

* Air pollution control

* Environmental sampling (e.g. water, wastewater, soil, air)

* Environmental modeling (e.g. coastal, wave analysis, contaminant migration)

* Pre-engineering studies (e.g. topography, soils testing)

* Water supply and sanitation

* Power supply ecosystem design

* Pollution prevention (PP) or cleaner production

* Training on environment, health and safety (EHS)

* Others (Contact us. We want to hear your EHS requirements.)

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About PACIFIC SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL Research and Consultancy, Inc.

PACIFIC SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL Research and Consultancy, Inc. (PSEnvi) was formed in July 2001 by a group of environmental professionals coming from the various fields of science and engineering. The members of the group initially met years ago at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. Most have been involved in environmental engineering research and consultancy projects undertaken for various industrial companies and government institutions working as project managers or technical associates. The members have acquired vast experience on various environmental undertakings through environmental research, treatment process design and assessment, waste management, environmental sampling and monitoring, cleaner production and, environmental impact and risk assessments.

Environmental problems are often addressed by combining various aspects of natural science, engineering, economics, social science and law. Our company offers a wide spectrum of professional expertise committed to promote environmental protection with the vision of sustainable development in mind.

The company is fueled by its dedication to provide the highest quality and excellence of service to its clients without compromising integrity in all its dealings.

Visit us at www.pacific-spectrum.com

Unit 1534 City and Land Mega Plaza
ADB Avenue corner Garnet Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel. No.: (632) 624-5826 / 637-8669 / (63 917) 5555-823
Telefax No.: (632) 631-2096
Email: info@pacific-spectrum.com

Our Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Services

Environmental Legal Services & Environmental Appraisals

  • Environmental compliance, pollution adjudication and other permitting and reporting requirements (Water Discharge Permit, Air Permit-to-Operate, Quarterly Self Monitoring Reports)

  • Due diligence audit for industrial and commercial facilities

  • Environmental policy research and other related studies

Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Design and Assessment

  • Treatment Systems: conventional systems, fixed film systems, Sequencing Batch Reactor, constructed wetlands (e.g. reedbeds)

  • Water treatment process design for domestic and industrial use

  • Process design for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewaters

  • Performance assessment of various wastewater treatment facilities and recommendations on improvement of existing treatment facilities

Environmental Monitoring and Sampling

  • Air, water and soil quality sampling, monitoring and assessment

  • Environmental sampling on surface (rivers and lakes) and coastal waters in connection with EIA studies and EMP monitoring plans

Environmental Impact Assessment Modules & Environmental Auditing

  • Preparation of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) requirements: EIA Study and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)

  • Post ECC Requirements such as Environmental Management Plans and Environmental Monitoring Plans

  • Formulation of Solid Waste Management Plans for LGUs (LGSWMP)

  • Site assessment and technical feasibility studies for landfill and materials recovery facilities (MRFs), composting and recycling centers

Solid Waste Management

  • Formulation of Solid Waste management Plans for LGUs (LGSWMP)

  • Site assessment and technical feasibility studies for landfill and materials recovery facilitites (MRFs), composting and recycling centers

Industrial Waste Management and Pollution Control

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Hospital Waste Management

  • Air pollution Control System design

  • Contaminated Sites Assessment

Environmental Management Strategies

  • Cleaner Production

  • Energy and Waste Audits

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Environmental Management Accounting

  • Ecodesign

  • Ecological Footprinting

Mathematical Modeling of Contaminant Transport

  • Water quality modeling (sediment transport in groundwater, rivers, lakes and coastal waters)

  • Air quality modeling (plume and concentration prediction)

  • Noise attenuation modeling

Research Studies for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Wastes

  • Treatability studies for domestic, industrial and other trade effluents and wastes via physical, biological, chemical and advanced treatment processes

  • On-site wastewater treatment analyses and pilot studies

Environmental Data Management

  • Geographic Information System

  • Database Management for environmental accounting, monitoring, compliance and reporting

Environmental Health and Safety

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response programs

  • Hazard Communication

  • Occupational Health

  • Health and Safety Assessment

  • Industrial Hygiene

Information, Education, Trainings and Institutional Capacity Building

  • In-house trainings and workshops

  • Preparation of Information, Education and Communication materials

  • Preparation of training manuals

  • Video editing and production of instructional materials

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Environmental Training Modules

Module 1 – Industrial Waste Management
·         Legal Framework
·         Regulations
·         Biological & Chemical Wastewater Treatment
·         Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
·         Air Pollution Control
·         Cleaner Production
·         Environmental Sampling and Monitoring
Module 2 – Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems: Principles and Practical Applications
·         Sources and Characterization
·         Preliminary Treatment
·         Text Box: SEMINAR MODULESAerobic Treatment Systems (AS, SBR, RBC, TF)
·         Anaerobic Treatment Systems (Anaerobic Digesters, Septic Tanks, UASB)
·         Natural Systems (Wetlands, Ponds, Lagoons)
·         Nutrients Removal and Possible Upgrade of Existing Treatment Systems
·         Sludge Management
·         Start-up, Maintenance and Monitoring
Module 3 – Chemical and Advance Wastewater Treatment Systems
·         Sources and Characteristics
·         Principles of Chemical Treatment (neutralization, coagulation-flocculation, DAF, Adsorption)
·         Practical Applications (removal of heavy metals, color, organics and inorganics)
·         Advance Treatment Systems (Reverse Osmosis, Ion-Exchange, Electrowinning)
·         Jar Test Demonstration
Module 4 – Hazardous Waste Management
·         Regulations
·         Sources and Characteristics
·         Collection and Storage
·         Treatment Technologies (Chemical Treatment & Encapsulation and Incineration)
·         Disposal/ Industrial Landfilling
·         Risk Assessment
·         Cleaner Production
·         Occupational Health and Safety (Exposure, spills and accidents)
·         Remediation of Contaminated Sites (Bioremediation & Chemical Treatment)
Module 5 – Environmental Management for LGUs
·         Regulations (EIA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Local Government Code, etc)
·         Environmental Planning
·         Solid Waste Management
-        Collection and Transport
-        MRF (Composting, Recycling)
-        Disposal (Closure of Dumpsite and Operation of Sanitary Landfill)
·         Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Systems
·         Storm Runoff and Erosion Control
·         River and Coastal Management
·         Funding Sources for Environmental Projects
Module 6 – Air Pollution Control
·         Regulations
·         Text Box: SEMINAR MODULESSources and Characteristics of Air Pollutants
·         Sampling and Monitoring
·         Control/ Treatment Technologies
-        For Particulates
-        For Gaseous Pollutants
-        For Noise
Module 7 – Environmental Health and Safety
·         Emergency Preparedness and Response
·         Hazard communication
·         Occupational health
·         Indoor pollution
·         Industrial hygiene
Module 8 – Cleaner Production Technologies
·         Cleaner Production Concepts & Philosophies
·         Assessment, Options and Setting Up of Cleaner Production Program
·         Case Studies
·         Environmental Management Accounting
·         Environmental Performance Indicators for Performance Assessment
·         Eco Design
·         Eco Labeling
Module 9 – Environmental Management for Managers
·         Regulations
·         Pollutants and Treatment
·         Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
·         Financing of Environmental Projects
Module 10 – Integrated Management Systems (IMS)
·         Quality Management System Based on ISO 9001
·         Environmental Management System Based on ISO 14001
·         Occupational Health and Safety Management System Based on OHSAS 18001
Module 11 – Environmental Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis
·         Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis
-        Water and Wastewater
-        Air and Noise
-        Soil
-        Hazardous Waste
·         Demonstration/ Hands-On & Product Presentation
Text Box: SEMINAR MODULESModule 12 – Social Surveying and Analysis
·         Focus Group Discussion
·         Social Survey
·         Social Impact
·         Stakeholders Analysis
·         Social Documentation
Module 13 – Corporate Social Responsibility
·         The Triple Bottom Line Approach to Business
·         Basics of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
·         Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Module 14 – General Environmental Science and Engineering
·         Ecology
·         Pollution and Global Change
·         Natural Resource Management
·         Environmental Management

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